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Just in time for Christmas ...

I find myself throughout the year marking different items as cool or different or just frakkin' awesome. So, I thought, why not collect them all in one place and maybe help out a fellow geek with their holiday shopping needs? As not all geeks or geek gifts are created equal, I thought I'd spilt them into some different categories, so here's the first one: Top Gifts for Geeky Ladies in Your Life.
For the Geeky Mom

 1. Future Nerd Onesie from The Nerd Machine
Price: $18 USD
Sizes: 3-6 mos., 12-18 mos.

Future Nerd Onesie from The Nerd MachineIf you're a nerd and you haven't visited The Nerd Machine, shame on you. Started by Zachary Levi of "Chuck" fame, the site holds the potential to give nerds everywhere a friendly, cool place to hang. Levi is quite active in the "nerd" community and is himself a well-publicized nerd which gives the site great credibility.

But, I digress, this is really about the onesie, which I'm fairly certain every baby should have, future nerdiness be damned. Additional, fandom-specific versions can also be found on sites like CafePress (i.e. Future Browncoat). 
2. James Hance Artwork
Price: $10 for prints/canvas art, $5 for books

James Hance Artwork - Wookie the ChewSomehow, Mr. Hance flew under my radar until just a few weeks ago. However, know that I have found him, I will sing his praises for days at a time. His artwork is adorable and covers a variety of fandoms including Star Wars, the Muppets, Iron Man and awesome mash-ups among them all. The best part is, these prints are limited edition and very affordable. I highly recommend his version of Winnie the Pooh, called Wookie the Chew with a toddler-sized Chewie as Winnie the Pooh, Han Solo as Christopher Robin (or Chrisolo Robin) and R2-D2 as Piglet. I'm pretty sure it doesn't get cuter than that!

For the Geeky Chef
3. Star Wars Heroes & Villains Cookie Cutters from Williams-Sonoma
Price: $19.95

Star Wars Heroes & Villains Cookie CuttersWilliams-Sonoma has released a few different Star Wars products this year, but I think the cookie cutters are my favorite. Granted, frosting these might be a challenge, but I'm pretty sure the munchkins won't care. If breakfast is more your thing, check out the Star Wars pancake molds, or make your child the envy of the lunchroom with the Star Wars Sandwich Cutters complete with a vintage style tin.

And regardless of which you choose, everyone needs a Darth Vader spatula, even me.

4. "This is no cave" Space Slug Oven Mitt
Price: $19.99 - StarWarsShop.com Exclusive

Space Slug Oven MittThe first time I saw this, I laughed out loud and told people who don't even like Star Wars how awesome it was. Whether they believed me or not, I'm thinking this mitt hanging off of your fridge or by the stove could make cooking a lot more fun. And with those teeth, you'll be sure to have a good grip. This item is exclusive to StarWarsShop.com.

5. Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter from ThinkGeek.com
Price: $24.99

Star Trek Enterprise Pizza CutterCaptain's Log, Stardate AWESOME! To me, this is right up there with the Space Slug oven mitt in the ingenuity column. Absolutely love. You can find this one on ThinkGeek.com which, as its name suggests, is a hub of geek products second to none.

For the Geeky Fashionista

6. Harry Potter Jewelry from Etsy.com
This Image: I solemnly swear that I am up to no good Scrabble Tile Necklace
Price: $5.98
Solemnly Swear Harry Potter PendantOne of my personal favorites, the Marauder's Map can only be activated with this saying. (There's also a "Mischief Managed" version if you'd like a matching set.) Additionally, Etsy.com is a geek girl's dream: tons of awesome stuff from kitschy to pretty to artsy to just a little weird. Remember, that most things are homemade though, so minor imperfections and inconsistencies from piece to piece are inevitable.

This Image: Deathly Hallows Necklace
Price: $12.50
Deathly Hallows NecklaceA touch more timely and definitely less obvious, this Deathly Hallows necklace is a subtle nod to geekery. Another Etsy product, there are various versions throughout the site of this symbol. I happened to like this one. 

7. Bazinga! Baby Doll Tee from StylinOnline.com
Price: $18
Sizes: XS-XL
The Big Bang Theory Bazinga! TeeProbably the most popular and mainstream of geek television in recent memory, The Big Bang Theory has been embraced by nerds and geeks alike for its smarts, its snark and its (occasional) sweetness. This baby doll tee highlights Sheldon's favorite saying - Bazinga! There are many different versions of this t-shirt, but I like this one because it doesn't have a giant image of Jim Parsons' head. (I love me some Jim Parsons, but that's a little much). 

My only beef with StylinOnline in general is that they don't offer plus size baby doll tees. So, if your favorite lady geek is a little chubby (as I am) this probably isn't the best for her. But, have no fear, the next entry will be.

8. Curse Your Sudden but Inevitable Betrayal Plus Size Baby Doll T-Shirt from Quantum Mechanix
Price: $24.95 ($19.95 for all other sizes, except Men's 2XL & 3XL)
Sizes: XXL (also available in Women's S-XL and Men's S-3XL)

Inevitable Betrayal Baby Doll T-ShirtThis plus-size baby doll is actually cut for a woman, so it doesn't look like a tent or make you look like you have the shoulders of a linebacker. I adore this shirt (I own it). The image actually glows in the dark and people have to get pretty close to read it (making it both discrete and a conversation starter). It's a nice chocolate brown too, which is great for someone like me who has enough black t-shirts.

A note on Quantum Mechanix - I could list EVERYTHING on this site as a recommended gift for any geek in your life, male, female, adult, child, mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, aunt, uncle ... Well, you get the picture. I've had the chance on a few occasions to meet the guys behind their products as well and not only are they super nice, they're smart, creative and passionate about all things geek, just like we are. It's so nice to have a company made up of fans, making products for fans.

For the Geeky TV Watcher

9. BBC America DVDS - Being Human Season 1 or Doctor Who Season 5
Price: $24.99 (Being Human on Amazon.com) | $60.99 (Dr. Who on Amazon.com)

BBC America DVDsFirst of all, do not be confused: SyFy will be producing its own American version of Being Human starting in January. I guarantee you, this one is BETTER! And no, I don't need to see it to make that declaration. The show about a reformed vampire, a newly-bitten werewolf and a trapped ghost all living together is an outstanding example of modern, supernatural television. I've been recommending this show to anyone who will listen. If you liked Buffy, you've got to watch this show. If you you like True Blood, you've got to watch this show. (I'm not going to make a Twilight comparison, because I just can't force myself to do it.)

Doctor Who, the long-running British sci-fi sensation, introduced its 11th and youngest doctor this year, along with a new companion and a new set of adventures through time and space. I watched a few Doctor Whos in the past couple of years with David Tennant and Christopher Eccleston and was intrigued, but not hooked. As soon as I started watching Matt Smith, hooked. Not only is he adorable, but he plays the Doctor with the perfect mix of manic energy and calm wisdom. His companion, Amy Pond, played by Karen Gillan, is naive but brave, making her perfect for the Doctor. While this one is a little pricey, I firmly believe it's worth it (or at least worth a spot in your Netflix queue to see what you think.)

For the Geeky Writer

10. Any kind of journal you want - at CafePress.com
Price: $11.50 and up

Book Nerd & Live Long and Prosper JournalIf you consider yourself a nerd or a geek or if you know a nerd or a geek and you haven't visited CafePress before ... well, draw your own conclusion on what I might be thinking. CafePress not only has a wide selection of different products (including apparel for kids and adults, home decor, artwork, bags, mugs and more), but they have thousands and thousands of different images and graphics uploaded by talented users. If you can't find something you like and you've got a bit of artistic talent, you can also create and upload your own. 

CafePress is a great sight and I always place an order about a month before Comic-Con to be sure I'm outfitted properly. Keep in mind though that most of the items are technically in violation of copyright. I don't care, but just in case your moral compass won't let you purchase stuff that isn't sanctioned by the creators, you've been warned.

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Disclaimer: Obviously this is not a comprehensive list, but rather a snapshot of different items on the market. Also, I do not own the copyright to any of these products, I am not being reimbursed by any of the artists, stores or vendors listed here and am simply sharing things that I love. Photos belong to the sites indicated. Pricing is subject to change and does not include tax, shipping & handling or any other associated fees.


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Dec. 19th, 2010 03:14 pm (UTC)
I love EVERYTHING on this list. EVERYTHING.

*sigh* And now I'm sad my Christmas shopping is done.

Thanks for this! :>)
Dec. 19th, 2010 05:57 pm (UTC)
Well, maybe you can keep a few things in mind for next year! Have a great Christmas, friend!
Dec. 19th, 2010 09:29 pm (UTC)
OMG, I've been talking myself out of buying the Star Wars cookie cutters for months now! They are so awesome! I guess the upside is that I don't know how to bake. I just want to have them, you know? You can use them to make pancakes too. Hee.

Thanks for the post! I love Cafe Press too! My "Nothing but the Rain" shirt is from a BSG series my BFF designed on there.
Dec. 20th, 2010 01:51 am (UTC)
I love those cookie cutters, although I think the sandwich molds are almost better. I would totally start taking PBJ everyday to work if I had those. :)

Yes, CafePress and I have a long, storied relationship. I've often wished I was talented enough to create my own items on there ... maybe some day. Thanks for replying, glad you liked it!
Dec. 20th, 2010 03:37 pm (UTC)
Is it wrong that I would probably own everything on that list had I seen it before?:D

Such cool things!

Happy Holidays!
Dec. 20th, 2010 04:29 pm (UTC)
I know - I want everything on this list ... you'd think my peeps would get the hint as I post almost all of it to Facebook too, but alas, no.

Have a great holiday and a safe and happy 2011!
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